Benefits for suppliers

Access to real-time sell-out data is changing the game for consumer goods companies. Gain detailed insights into shopper behavior trends, implement and measure more effective trade marketing campaigns, improve sustainable brand perception, and increase your profitability in retail.

Fewer returns. Less waste.

Leverage prices to consumers to better match supply with demand, reduce overstock situations, and ensure constant product availability at the point of sale.

More revenues

Matching the demand with a correct pricing policy means boosting volumes and margins. Our partner suppliers have increased revenues by over 75% and reduced out of stock situations by half.

Understand product sell-out

Track stock levels, real-time freshness, shelf-life, pricing trends, real sell-out, price sensitivities, and more.


Collecting actionable data on your goods is crucial. Evaluate specific promotions performance, anticipate out-of-stock situations, forecast future shipments, and get alerts on unusual sales patterns or critical stock levels.


Wasteless works with suppliers and supermarkets in a triple relationship to help suppliers sell more, waste less, and gain more access to understanding how their merchandise perform and act on it.

The Supplier


The Supermarket


Learn how food suppliers are creating a better food system through Wasteless dynamic pricing solution

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