Sell more, waste less with dynamic pricing and smart markdowns.

At Wasteless, we're helping supermarkets and online grocery stores recapture the full value of their perishable products and reduce food waste through AI-powered dynamic pricing.

Customer-centric AI

The Wasteless Pricing Engine was designed to learn and adapt to your customers' mindset and buying habits, pushing the limits of AI to deliver the ideal shopping experience while maximizing profit. Discover how it works.

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Increase revenues

Increase sales by matching product offerings with real-time demand

Increase margins

Sell at the optimal price-point with minimum shrinkage levels

Improve freshness

Rotate products faster to achieve higher overall freshness on shelf

Reduce food waste

Ensure products are sold before they expire and go to waste

Expected results

Reduction in food waste


Increase in revenues


Increase in
net margins


How it works

Stock data

Wasteless pricing engine

Markdown display on ESL or Sticker

POS applies dynamic pricing

Product is sold at optimal price

Already integrated with leading tech providers

Point of Sale

Electronic Shelf Label

Digital Scale

Food delivery

ERP providers

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