Customer experience

The shopper is always our top priority at Wasteless. We work closely with our retail partners to ensure pricing programs are clearly communicated to the shoppers to drive awareness of food waste reduction efforts and savings opportunities. Shoppers can now participate in waste reduction efforts, all while saving money.

Real-time markdown display

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) update in real-time to reflect markdowns for specific expiration dates. When all discounted products get sold, the ESL will refresh to reflect just the regular price.

Online check out

e-Commerce is a crucial part of any omni-channel strategy. The Wasteless pricing solution enables a continuous customer experience across channels so shoppers can access the same great deals in store and online.

Proven customer adoption

With clear messaging on the shelf edge and other strategic locations, we ensure the shopper understands the value of the Wasteless solution and boost the store's fresh, sustainable image.

Expected results (based on in-store customer surveys)

Store’s ecofriendly image improvement

72 %

Discount system understanding level

94 %

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