Sell more with Wasteless

Higher revenues

Achieve at least 20% increase in revenue by optimizing pricing and incentivizing your shoppers to buy products that would otherwise go to waste. Control demand with smart pricing.

Boosted margins

By selling products instead of throwing them away and decreasing your average markdown, you can significantly boost your net margin. An average Wasteless program nets a 3 percentage point increase in net margin per product.

Increase margins by

3 percentage points

Improved freshness

Improve fresh product rotation and optimize shelf space productivity for slow selling products.

Less waste

Reducing your food waste and shrinkage benefits both the environment and your bottom line. Dynamic pricing can cut your shrink rates and increase your sustainable branding.
Learn more about the impact of food waste on our environment

Improved shopping experience

3 out of 4 consumers say they would change their consumption habits to reduce their impact on the environment. Wasteless allows sustainable shopping decisions while offering better price options to consumers. Simple and easy.

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Watch how this Italian hypermarket chain has implemented Wasteless on their fresh meat area to enable an improved and more sustainable shopping experience.

Watch how Dutch retailers have implemented Wasteless Smart pricing to reduce their environmental footprint.

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